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Hello, my name is Agnes Tung. I am one of the first few employees of CaptionCube and have been around since June 2016.

I started my journey in CaptionCube as an Operations Specialist, but due to certain health conditions, it was difficult for me to continue with my Operations duties. This, however, did not end my journey with CaptionCube!

Since then, I’ve taken up the role of Social Media Planner, and took over the management of CaptionCube’s Facebook page by creating engaging and meaningful posts for our beloved Facebook followers every week. Now, I will also be sharing interesting articles on CaptionCube’s blog!

Today, I am here to answer some questions regarding my CaptionCube journey thus far!

Q: How did you join/hear about CaptionCube?

A: With my friend’s recommendation, I joined CaptionCube as a freelancer, and after going for a trial, I was onboarded as a freelancer and subsequently became a full-time staff.  

Q: Why did you join CaptionCube?

A: I thought that CaptionCube’s vision of supporting the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing community aligned with my ideals and beliefs that the community should help one another. Additionally, I was motivated by the fact that CaptionCube is a company that cares for and employs persons with disabilities. This opportunity allows us to have a sense of financial stability, which is very important for us.

Q: What gives you the motivation to work everyday?

A: The motivation comes from the satisfaction I get from work, from knowing that I’m able to make a difference and assist the company while also having financial stability.

Q: What is the best part of your job with CaptionCube?

A: The best part, other than being able to earn my keep and gain knowledge, is the friendships that I’ve forged. The supportive environment that CaptionCube provides is also meaningful.

Q: What did you learn from working in CaptionCube?

A: Working in CaptionCube taught me both hard and soft skills, including interpersonal skills and how to better handle failures along the way. I also became a better communicator and realised the importance of communication among team members and the boss to ensure minimal errors.

Q: How did working in CaptionCube change you as a person?

A: I became a better team player as I realised that I’m able to complete my work more efficiently with the help of different colleagues with different expertise. In addition, I would say that I have become stronger as I overcame challenges gradually, such as taking over CaptionCube’s social media platforms and becoming the community reporter. Most importantly, I have grown by learning from my mistakes, like finding out what is effective and what isn’t, so that there would be progression.

Q: Could you perhaps share something motivational with our fellow readers?

A: Always believe in yourself, that you have the potential which has yet to be released, like a piece of unpolished diamond, and never lament about life being unfair. As long as you stay determined with a “never say die” attitude, with a good learning attitude, you will make it!

Oh yes! And procrastination kills, so it’s better to throw away that habit before it puts us in a worse off position than we already are. Nothing is impossible as long as you put your mind to it, just like when I thought it was impossible for PwDs like me to land a job. I did it and so can you. ?

Thank you for reading my story, and I will work hard to share more stories like mine to you!

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