Getting up close and personal with our interns!

From May to August, we welcomed two interns into our CubeUnity family! Felicia and Flora, who are both undergraduates from Singapore Management University (SMU), joined us as our Human Resource and Marketing interns respectively. They were also both heavily involved in our Community Engagement events.

To get to know them better, I managed to sit them down for a chat during a team bonding session, where new friendships were forged.

CaptionCube Team Photo
Felicia: back row, second from the left
Flora: middle row, second from the left

Here is an excerpt of the interview I had with them amidst the fun and laughter.

Q: What did you learn in the course of three months?

Felicia: I tried various things that were new to me, such as translation and planning an event entirely from scratch as part of the main organising committee. In addition, I learnt how to manage my time more effectively, as there were really tight deadlines sometimes, and also witnessed how my boss allocated resources effectively under such circumstances. Furthermore, I got to know how to deal with real-time situations that cropped up during the planning of the event and during the actual event, such as dealing with expected attrition rate, crowd management and thinking on the spot.

Flora: Everything here feels new to me as it is my first official internship, so I definitely learnt quite a lot! It was great that I gained exposure to Marketing and was able to have a feel of how different channels work for the different target audiences. In addition, my project management skills have definitely improved with the planning of the CubeUnity event.

Q: What drove you to choose CaptionCube as your internship grounds?

Felicia: Having interned at a MNC before, I wanted to try working in a start-up as it sounds challenging and interesting, and to also see the difference in the culture and workflow between a MNC and start-up company. In addition, I am someone who would watch subtitles even if the video is in my native language, so I was curious about the jobs and industry revolving this. So CaptionCube is a great fit for me.

Flora: Well, at first I actually received some offers for HR roles from profit-driven firms. However, I decided that I would like to explore Marketing instead, after talking to different individuals including some friends and a professor. As such, I ended up here! The most important factor, however, would be my interest in social enterprises. To me, the idea of social enterprises is something very intriguing because it seems like a perfect combination of helping those in need in the society while ensuring the profitability and sustainability of the company.

Q: What is your idea of a social enterprise?

Felicia: My idea of a social enterprise is one that does good for society while ensuring profitability at the same time.

Flora: After going through a module on Social Enterprise as well as my real-time experience at CaptionCube, to me, a social enterprise is simply a firm that makes money to ensure its sustainability and survival while generating value for the society as well.

Q: Use one word to describe your experience here.

Felicia: Eye-opening.

Flora: New. Well, for the lack of a better word, I would use ‘new’. Everything that I have experienced is brand new to me, be it the people, the environment or the job scope.

Q: How did you think you impacted CaptionCube?

Felicia: I got to lay the groundwork to streamline and standardise some of the processes and implemented new stuff, such as a new HRIS system, SOPs, the employee handbook, etc. I also co-planned and executed the first community event, and there are more to come. I also feel that along with Flora, we made the office more lively. HAHAHA!

Flora: I hope that I have contributed to the marketing in terms of working together with you, initiating the blog and coming up with the concept of CubeUnity. I guess Felicia and I have also brought more ‘life’ to the office with our giggling and antics.

Q: What did you like about working here?

Felicia: It was a tight community of colleagues, and I got to know everyone well. Even the boss was always approachable and we could directly talk to her. It was easier to bond and form meaningful relationships as there were only a few of us.

Flora: Definitely the people and the cause of the company! The people here are generally very friendly and approachable, and it has been great three months working with everyone! At the same time, it adds value to my life because in the midst of interning, I can actually impact the society through the work done simply because I am part of a social enterprise.

Q: Where do you see yourself in five years time? / What are your aspirations for the future?

Felicia: I hope to gain some more real-world experience through working first, and after that, I hope to be able to have my own start-up too. I hope to create a life that I don’t need a vacation from. ?

Flora: Five years later, I would probably have graduated and started working! I am very interested in social enterprises, and if possible, I would love to work in one as a full time staff, or in fact have my own one!


I had a great conversation with the two ladies, and we definitely had fun during the interview process! Wishing Felicia and Flora all the best, and see you around! ?


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