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Captions are on-screen texts that make videos more accessible to a larger audience. Content producers such as broadcasters, OTT platforms, theatre companies, e-learning platforms and schools stand to gain from the use of caption services.

Captioned videos rank higher in search results and enjoy more viewer engagement. Captions also make your videos more inclusive, as they ensure that your video content can be accessed by the deaf and hard-of-hearing, as well as viewers in silent or noisy environments.

Based in Singapore with a skilled team of captioners well-versed in English (including Singlish!), Mandarin Chinese and Bahasa Melayu (Malay), CaptionCube has an in-depth understanding of local contexts and regional accents. We provide caption files in various formats such as SRT, WebVTT and XIF, which are fully compatible with major video hosting platforms.

By engaging CaptionCube’s quality caption services, you may rest assured that the message of your video is delivered accurately to your target audience, anytime and anywhere.

Our Portfolio


English closed captions

Pangdemonium is a Singaporean theatre company that tells stories which are challenging, inspiring, relevant, accessible and of the highest artistic, entertainment and production values.

We had the pleasure of captioning Pangdemonium productions that were streamed online, including Chinglish. Abound with mistranslations and wordplays, this adaptation of Henry David Hwang’s play about the difficulties of intercultural interactions is a fitting comedy for the times.


English closed captions

WILD RICE is one of Singapore’s leading professional theatre companies that provides a forum for the shared experience of theatre through staging of new and original work.

We had the pleasure of captioning WILD RICE productions that were streamed online, including Mama White Snake. With a hearty mix of good old Singaporean humour and local lingo, WILD RICE puts a modern spin on the Legend of the White Snake, breathing new life into the ancient with a uniquely Singaporean touch.

WILD RICE captions

National Council of Social Service

English burn-in captions

NCSS is the umbrella body for social service agencies in Singapore. It provides leadership and direction in social services, enhances the capabilities of social service agencies, and provides strategic partnerships for social services.

As a social enterprise, CaptionCube was proud to support NCSS by providing captions for the Volunteer Management Network session on “Assuring and Measuring the Impact of Volunteers”. This insightful webinar shed light on many key considerations for social organisations and was attended by a group of Volunteer Managers in Singapore.

National Council of Social Service captions

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Awards/Recognition Received

Bridging Society Through Communication

Chinese to English Translation Services | Business For Good

CaptionCube is recognised as a Social Enterprise member of raiSE for our social mission and impact in providing inclusive employment opportunities.

English to Chinese Translation Singapore | Enabling Employment Pledge

CaptionCube is a signatory of the Enabling Employment Pledge and commits to adopt an inclusive mindset, create barrier-free workplace environments and implement supportive employment policies for employees with disabilities.

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