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As the world scrambles to build accurate machine-learning models that meet our ever-growing digital needs, the lack of high-quality annotated data has become increasingly apparent.  

Data annotation is the process by which a set of data is labelled with tags that are relevant to it to train machine-learning models. Such data can take the form of audio, images, video or text, all of which must be labelled as accurately as possible.

CaptionCube has annotated more than 830 hours of audio data in Singaporean English, Mandarin Chinese, Chinese dialects and Bahasa Melayu (Malay), which includes data for the medical sector. We also have substantial experience in annotating image and video data.  

Based in Singapore, CaptionCube is home to a team of meticulous talents who are familiar with the Singaporean context and well-versed in English (including Singlish!), Mandarin Chinese and Bahasa Melayu (Malay), making us the ideal solution to your local annotation needs.  

Lighten your data engineers’ massive workloads by outsourcing the tedious task of poring over huge amounts of data to us! Let us assist you in building accurate machine-learning models in a swift and fuss-free manner.

Readily available Singaporean Speech Data Set

We have a set of full-verbatim Singaporean Conversational English speech data (100 recorded hours), which is available for licensing.

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What is Data Annotation?

In a world where as much as 80% of global data is unstructured, data annotation has emerged as a crucial tool. It plays a pivotal role in managing this deluge of data, unlocking its potential to significantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of organisations.

Data annotation is the process of labelling or tagging data to make it understandable for machines. Metadata or annotations are added to raw data to provide context and meaning.

Commonly used in machine learning, data annotation helps algorithms to learn and make accurate predictions by associating patterns and features with specific labels.

Different Types of Data Annotation

Audio Annotation

Audio annotation is the process of adding descriptive labels and tags to audio data. The identification and labelling of specific elements such as speech, music or background noise enhances machine learning models’ ability to understand and interpret audio content. This enables applications like speech recognition, audio classification and sound event detection.

Image Annotation

Image annotation is the process of adding descriptive labels or tags to images. The identification and labelling of objects, features or patterns within the images enables algorithms to recognise and understand visual content.  Image annotation enhances the accuracy and effectiveness of machine learning models, making them capable of tasks ranging from autonomous vehicles to facial recognition and medical image analysis. 

Video Annotation 

Video annotation is the process of adding descriptive labels or tags to video data. The process involves the identification and categorisation of objects, actions or events within the video frames, associating them with specific labels. It enhances the models’ ability to recognise and interpret visual content, enabling applications such as object tracking, activity recognition and video analysis. 

Text Annotation

Text annotation is the process of adding descriptive labels or tags to textual data, enabling machine learning models to understand and analyse text. This process involves categorising phrases, sentiments or entities and associating them with specific labels. This enables algorithms to understand and analyse text more effectively for tasks such as sentiment analysis, named entity recognition and information extraction.

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