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Captions Improves Perception of Instructors

“Based on the comments from the student surveys, four items from the Student Assessment of Instruction could be impacted by closed captioning. These include Respect and Concern for the Students, Facilitation of Learning, Communication of Ideas and Information, and Overall Rating of the Instructor.”

The Benefits of Captions to Your Educational Institution

As online and e-learning departments race to harness the rapidly evolving technology to deliver robust course content, clear and effective communication remains a key ingredient to engaging students and learners.

This is why many top global educational institutions have well-established captioning and transcript systems for their online lecture videos. For example, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) places user experience as their focus and provides a host of captioning resources, with the firm belief that captions bring about benefits such as increased comprehension and retention for their students as well as increasing Search Engine Optimisation of their video content.

For educational institutions that host an international community of educators, guest speakers and students, captions are extremely useful and enhance the comprehensibility of lecture/ seminar videos. This in turn results in an increase in attractiveness of the educational institutions to both students and viewers. This helps you expand your reachable audience and stay competitive, while improving the branding of your organisation and implementing inclusiveness in the learning environment.

Why It is Difficult for e-Learning Departments to Implement Captions

Despite knowing the multiple benefits of captions, many e-learning departments have been slow to provide captioned materials as they juggle the heavy workload of course content development, implementation of the latest learning technology and video production. Sometimes e-learning executives take it upon themselves to create captions along the way, but the time and effort need can detract them from their core work responsibilities.

Captions may look easy to implement but for those who have tried doing it themselves, they know how tedious and time-consuming it can be and it might look like an insurmountable workload when you have hours of video content. In some cases, schools may leverage on a network of freelancers or students to cope with the captioning and transcribing workload, but that also brings about added challenges of managing multiple parties to ensure quality and standards.

What You Can Do

Here’s where we come in. CaptionCube provides educational institutions and training providers like yours with a fuss-free solution to provide accurate captions easily and quickly with a peace of mind. All you have to do is to send us your videos and we will send you the captions in the format you need.

If you would like to find out more, just drop our friendly team an email at contact@captioncube.com.