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CaptionCube is founded on the vision for a more inclusive society. Since 2015, we’ve grown into a bustling community of professional talents, with strengths in various languages and subject matters.

What we do at CaptionCube

Business Development

Our business development team focuses on pushing new frontiers. Constantly on the lookout for ways to improve the business, we develop innovative solutions and new capabilities to meet the market’s evolving needs. As the first point of contact with our clients, our business development team endeavours to build lasting relationships with new and existing clients. If you have an entrepreneurial and can-do spirit, as well as strong communication and follow-up skills, join us to work out limitless possibilities!


Our operations team works closely with the business development team to optimise our processes and deliver the work based on our clients’ requirements. The team mainly focuses on delivering high-quality and reliable language services such as transcription, captioning, subtitling and translation for the media, education and government sectors. Our team consists of language and culture lovers who enjoy watching TV at work and outside of work, as well as doing in-depth research on word choices. Driven by a shared commitment to excellence, our operations team works hard to ensure consistent output of the highest quality, down to the finest details.

Opportunity Types

Employment Opportunities

The core team at CaptionCube is key to managing the dynamic and fast-paced nature of the work, ensuring that things happen smoothly and reliably. If you love taking the lead and getting good work delivered on time, come join our supportive and growth-oriented community.
We are always on the lookout for full-time candidates who have in-depth linguistics or technology experience in the translation and/or subtitling industry. If you think you fit the bill, feel free to send us an email to introduce yourself.

To apply:
Please send your CV and a cover letter to with the subject title “[Full-time application] Your_Name”. In the cover letter, please share with us your work experience and how you would like to contribute to the work we do at CaptionCube.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.


Internship positions for students from Singaporean polytechnics and universities are available all year round. The internship duration must be at least 3 months and applicants must provide internship letters from their schools.

The best times to apply for internships with us are as follows:

  • Feb/Mar for internships between May to August
  • Jun/Jul for internships from Sep to Jan
  • Nov/Dec for internships between Jan to May

To apply:
Please send your CV and a cover letter to with the subject title “[Internship application] Your_Name”. In the cover letter, please answer the following:

  • What are your strengths and how would you like to contribute to the work we do at CaptionCube?
  • What would you like to gain out of this internship experience?
  • What is your proposed internship period? (Minimum duration of 3 months)

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Freelance Positions

Join our bustling community of professional talents with strengths in various languages and subject matters. As a freelancer, you will get to work on a variety of assignments that may require transcribing, timecoding, translation or a combination of skill sets. To apply, fill up our interest form and we will get back to you with the relevant online skill assessments to find out if you would be a good fit for the different assignment types.

Freelancers must be based in Singapore.

Available Openings

We currently have no job openings

Our Employment Practices

Inclusive Employment

As a social enterprise, CaptionCube’s key social impact is in the area of inclusive employment. To date, we have provided remote working opportunities to close to 20 persons with physical disabilities and autism.

In terms of social impact, the total income earned by persons with disabilities working with us has grown 10 times since 2017. In 2019, 12.4% of our revenue went to the income of persons with disabilities. In the same year, CaptionCube was also recognised for our inclusive employment efforts at 5th Enabling Employer Awards organised by SG Enable.

In 2020, CaptionCube signed the President’s Challenge Enabling Employment Pledge to reaffirm our commitment to inclusive employment.

Workplace Wellness

We value our team members and their wellness in all aspects of life. To celebrate and make time for the many things in life besides work, we hold inclusive events to bring our community together for fun activities and social interactions. In 2020, as part of our HR policy, we formalised flexible work arrangements (FWAs) to support our team in achieving their work and life goals.

Hear from our teammates

The daily commute to work is a challenge for me as I’m not able to walk long distances. For a long time, I was not sure how to go about finding a suitable full-time job. I’m happy working at CaptionCube because I’m able to work from home and the work I do resonates with my passion to support the Deaf community.

I’ve been learning a lot from subtitling different TV programmes, some of which are interesting and inspiring. I used to think that I was an introvert, but after working with the CaptionCube team, I enjoy meeting up with people more.
I’ve become an extroverted-introvert!


Executive, Operations & Disability Inclusion

“The flexibility to work from home allowed me to take on my first full-time job with CaptionCube as a transcriptionist. As I’m not able to travel independently and due to my family’s concerns, I did not have the chance to attempt a full-time job before this.

The work with CaptionCube has allowed me to gain more knowledge and build more skillsets. I gained a sense of financial independence from having a stable job.”


Community Engagement aka Jiopal

“I joined CaptionCube quite by chance, but the experience so far has been eye-opening. I’ve had plenty of opportunities to try new things and learn new skills in areas like captioning, translation and business development, all of which have helped me hone existing skills, gain confidence in my own abilities and develop myself as an individual and working professional.

Working in a social enterprise that advocates inclusive employment has been meaningful and enriching as well. It gave me a chance to mentor, support and work closely with people from all walks of life, and to have received the Enabling Buddy Award at the 5th Enabling Employers Award in recognition of my efforts as supervisor and buddy to my colleagues and freelancers is truly an honour.”

Jia Min,

Project Manager