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Live captioning is a real-time speech-to-text service that helps to make audio content visible for all. Live captioning services help to create a more inclusive experience for everyone, while improving comprehension and engagement for participants.

Event, seminar and webinar organisers can reach a wider audience and achieve higher engagement with the help of live caption services. As important access tools for the deaf and hard-of-hearing community, live captions are essential in classrooms and live lectures.

With a strong command of Singaporean contexts and regional accents, CaptionCube is well-equipped to caption any spoken content with accuracy in both English and Mandarin Chinese.

Whether your next event, meeting or lecture is being held on-site or online, via conferencing platforms like Zoom and Cisco Webex, CaptionCube is here to support your live captioning needs.

Our Portfolio

Central Singapore CDC

SkillsFuture Advice is a community outreach initiative that helps Singaporeans with their career-planning and skills-upgrading needs by providing important information on available programmes and resources.

CaptionCube proudly supports SkillsFuture Advice by offering our live captioning services, ensuring that all individuals can access and benefit from this valuable program. Central SingaporeCDC’s webinar series promotes lifelong learning, offering valuable insights into future economies, as well as essential resources for all Singaporeans.


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Live Captioning Services | Enabling Mark Gold
Captioning Services | Progressive Wages

Bridging Society Through Communication

Chinese to English Translation Services | Business For Good

CaptionCube is recognised as a Social Enterprise member of raiSE for our social mission and impact in providing inclusive employment opportunities.

English to Chinese Translation Singapore | Enabling Employment Pledge

CaptionCube is a signatory of the Enabling Employment Pledge and commits to adopt an inclusive mindset, create barrier-free workplace environments and implement supportive employment policies for employees with disabilities.

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