Non-Profits & Deaf Community

“The captions team is very prompt in responding to queries and displays professionalism throughout our communication. Their passion shows through in their dedication towards helping us to understand the benefits of their service to students with hearing impairment”.

– Agnes Yuen, Student Care Manager, Disability Support Office, NUS

For Non-Profits

If you are a non-profit organisation reaching out to the deaf and hard of hearing community, senior citizens and foreigners who use English as a second language, captions will be essential to bridge the communication gap in your outreach or educational videos.

CaptionCube is pleased to show our support by providing 10% discount for all non-profits off our usual rates. Here are some of the ways we can work together:

1. Discounted rates when you engage our captioning services.

2. CaptionCube provides freelance transcribing and speech-related job opportunities for persons who require flexible working hours due to family or health conditions e.g. physical disabilities. If there are people in your community who are suitable and keen on freelance job opportunities like this, do get in touch so that we can discuss possible collaborations in this area.

3. For more information, contact us at!

For members of the deaf and hard of hearing community

1. 10% discount off our usual rates for captioning service for lecture or online videos that you would like to gain access to. Just send us an email at and we’ll be happy to work with your school’s Disability Support Office (DSO) too!

2. If you are passionate to advocate for more communication accessibility in Singapore, do get in touch with us and we can discuss how we can build a more inclusive society together!

3. Sign up for our exclusive mailing list to be updated with our latest offers and stay in touch!

For corporates and funding partners

We have had deaf/ hard of hearing students who would like to get their lecture videos captioned, but due to the sheer number of lecture hours they have in their course of study, it can be difficult for them to afford such support services where needed. The costs of captioning all the lectures in one university module can come up to approximately $2,000.

As at 31 March 2012, there are 737 deaf students from pre-primary to tertiary levels, of which 136 are from Institute of Higher Learning (IHL) which include ITEs, polytechnics and universities. Out of which, 33 deaf students are in the universities.

Your support in helping to subsidise part of the costs would enable deaf/ hard of hearing students in IHLs to have the choice of getting captions where needed in their education journey. If you are keen to support the students in gaining access in their educational journey, do contact us at