Our Services

Key Services 

We provide captioning services to convert speech into text, increasing clarity and accessibility of the content that is being communicated in online/educational videos.

How is it done?

Our team of transcribers will listen in to your video clip and transcribe the speech, followed by time-syncing the text to your video. This is followed by a round of editing and quality checks by our editors before the caption/subtitle files are sent to you.

To kickstart the process, just send us your videos in common formats such as .mp4, .mov, .avi and m4v. By default, the subtitle file will be provided in .srt format that is commonly used and compatible with YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo. If you would like the subtitle files in other formats such as .ass and .vtt, do let us know.

We support most digital video formats which are transcodable and other subtitle formats as well. Just let us know the format you require and we’ll work to meet your needs!

Where will closed-captioning be useful?

Closed-captioning will be useful for:

  • Online learning and multimedia development
  • Lectures/ seminars videos
  • Corporate/ Public education videos
  • YouTube/ Facebook videos & advertisements
  • Informative videos in public places e.g. libraries, museums, hotels, retail
  • And more!

Other Services

  • Multi-language subtitling
  • Voice-over talents to support recording
  • Transcription services for audio/video recordings e.g. for classes, meetings and coaching sessions
  • Speech data collection for research purposes

If you are keen to engage our services, simply drop us an email at contact@captioncube.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.