Relevant Articles & Links

Education and Captions

1. (2013) Distance Learning Captioning Pilot Project Executive Summary

2. (2012) Transcribe Your Class: Using Speech Recognition to Improve Access for At-Risk Students

3. (2004) Captioning and Subtitling: Undervalued Language Learning Strategies

Deaf and Hard of Hearing

1. (7 May 2015) Economic impact and cost of hearing loss in Singapore

2. (14 Nov 2013) The Straits Time Forum – Wednesday, 13 November. Reach out to deaf community with English subtitles

3. (4 Feb 2013) Number of elderly Singaporean with hearing impairment who have sought treatment at government clinics

Captions for Hearing

1. (6 Jun 2014) Did you know? 80% of people who used Closed Captions are not hard of hearing

2. (3 May 2014) Gary Robson at TEDxBozeman Talk – Does closed captioning still serve deaf people? 

3. (3 Aug 2010) Why closed captioning isn’t just for deaf people

Search Engine Optimisation

1. (15 Jul 2014) How Closed Captions Increase Video Views, Rankings and ROI [Study]

General Information

1. Population in Brief 2015

2. Singapore signed the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD) on 30 Nov 2012

Specifically, these are the UNCRPD articles that support increased communication accessibility:

  • Article 21c – Persons with disabilities should have the opportunity to express their opinions, to find out, receive, share information. This is done by encouraging other such as the private companies and mass media to provide information and services that can be accessed by persons with disabilities.
  • Article 24 – Persons with disabilities have rights to an inclusive education and lifelong learning. This can be done by:

(a) Making sure that every child receives support where required so that they can meet their fullest potential.

(c) Making sure that persons with disabilities can get quality and free education as everybody else.

(g) Providing opportunities for persons with disabilities to access tertiary education, lifelong learning and vocational training.