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Captions are on-screen texts that make videos more accessible to a larger audience.


Subtitles, which are on-screen translated captions, help to convey the message of a video effectively in a different language.


Translation converts content such as educational materials, technical manuals and contracts, from one language to another language.

Transcription graphics


Transcription turns video and audio content into text files for documentation, review and research purposes.

Data Annotation

Data annotation is the process by which a set of data is labelled with tags that are relevant to it to train machine-learning models.

Transcription graphics

Live Captioning

Live captioning is a real-time speech-to-text service that helps to make audio content visible for all.

Awards/Recognition Received

Bridging Society Through Communication

Chinese to English Translation Services | Business For Good

CaptionCube is recognised as a Social Enterprise member of raiSE for our social mission and impact in providing inclusive employment opportunities.

English to Chinese Translation Singapore | Enabling Employment Pledge

CaptionCube is a signatory of the Enabling Employment Pledge and commits to adopt an inclusive mindset, create barrier-free workplace environments and implement supportive employment policies for employees with disabilities.