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Subtitles, which are on-screen translated captions, help to convey the message of a video effectively in a different language. Quality subtitles ensure that all nuances in your content will be seamlessly and naturally conveyed to your audience in the target language.

Content producers such as broadcasters, OTT platforms, theatre companies, e-learning platforms and social media channels stand to gain with the use of subtitles. Subtitled videos can be widely enjoyed by an international audience, including viewers who do not speak the video’s original language.

Based in Singapore with a skilled team well-versed in English, Mandarin Chinese and Bahasa Melayu (Malay), CaptionCube provides quality subtitling services for video content with local contexts and regional accents, from English to Chinese and vice versa. We provide subtitle files in various formats such as SRT, WebVTT and XIF, which are fully compatible with major video hosting platforms.

CaptionCube’s subtitling services can help you maximise the reach of your video content, overcoming barriers in language and culture.

Our Portfolio

Pollinate Explainer

Chinese subtitles

A joint initiative across three polytechnics, Pollinate is an incubator that aims to support entrepreneurship efforts by current polytechnic students and alumni entrepreneurs.

CaptionCube is a proud Pollinate alumnus. We were tapped for our expertise in English-Chinese translation to provide subtitles for the incubator’s corporate video, which showcased the various start-ups in the community. Our Chinese subtitles helped to clearly explain the value propositions of these start-ups to many Chinese visitors.


Chinese Subtitling Services | Corporate Video


Chinese subtitles

Unteachable is a feature-length documentary film that asks the important question of what the joy of learning could look like in Singapore. The winner of the 2019 Singapore International Film Festival audience award follows a young woman’s journey to bring empathy back into classrooms. CaptionCube had the pleasure of providing subtitles for this meaningful and inspiring film, helping to broaden the reach of its empowering message by making it accessible to a wider audience.

Chinese Subtitling Services | Documentary Film

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Awards/Recognition Received

Bridging Society Through Communication

Chinese to English Translation Services | Business For Good

CaptionCube is recognised as a Social Enterprise member of raiSE for our social mission and impact in providing inclusive employment opportunities.

English to Chinese Translation Singapore | Enabling Employment Pledge

CaptionCube is a signatory of the Enabling Employment Pledge and commits to adopt an inclusive mindset, create barrier-free workplace environments and implement supportive employment policies for employees with disabilities.

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