Hear what they say about us!

From Organisations

“The captions team is very prompt in responding to queries and displays professionalism throughout our communication. Their passion shows through in their dedication towards helping us to understand the benefits of their service to students with hearing impairment”.

– Agnes Yuen, Student Care Manager, Disability Support Office, NUS

“The entire process of captioning for the video was easy for my company and did not add additional work for us as the training provider. The recording process was simple and as the trainer, I could continue to communicate to the entire class as per normal. The real benefit of the video is that both hearing and deaf students can continue to refer back to the videos if they missed out on what was taught in class.”

– Quek Jing Yan, Director, New Media Training Pte Ltd

“I was impressed by CaptionCube’s passion and tenacity in pursuing a feasible solution to address issues faced by persons with disability. That’s one of the reasons why I agreed to collaborate with them to conduct a complimentary 3-hour personal development workshop targeted at persons with disabilities. The team efficiently produced the captioned video of the workshop within 3 days. I look forward to engaging their services in future.”

– Shane Yan, Managing Director, Savoir Asia Pte Ltd

From Individuals/ Students

I gained about 20-30% more information from the captioned videos as parts of the lecture were not covered in the notes. And I could understand what the lecturer is explaining. I do not use sign language interpretation, as I am not well versed in it.

The most valuable takeaway is that this helps me to better understand what lecturers are saying in class by watching videos with subtitles. And with that, my studies will be better! I will recommend captioned videos to all students!”

– Chan Yin King, Year 3 Student, School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering

“Transcripts will be useful for content based lectures, but captioned lecture videos will be more helpful for explanations of theories and formulas. The experience with captions has positively impacted me and I gained 25% more learning with the help of the captioned videos.

The most valuable takeaway from having my lecture videos captioned is that I do not have to rely on my friends so much during lectures. I would recommend captioned videos to other students, as they lessen the stress of trying to grasp what the lecturer is saying, and allow students to capture more information effectively, especially in deciphering accents.”

– Year 2 Student, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences